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How to Configure Video Motion Detection Area - Firmware 1.9.4 and above

Last Updated: Jan 25, 2018 09:23AM EST
We have made changes to the way you configure Motion Detection Area in our cameras. The Motion Detection Grid option has now been replaced with the option to draw Motion Detection Area(s) of interest with added flexibility. There are 8 Configurable polygonal regions.
The sensitivity option has also been replaced with an adjustable sensitivity bar, giving you much more control over the sensitivity level of your Motion Detection Area.
If you are upgrading from firmware 1.4.x to 1.9.4 and above, you will need to reconfigure your Video motion detection Area
Figure 1, shows your motion detection setup screen for firmware 1.4.12 and earlier

                                         Figure 1
Figure 2, show your motion detection setup screen for firmware 1.9.4 with the new features

                                     Figure 2
Available Options

Motion Detection Radio button -
Check to Configure Motion Detection Area
Region - Options to Select up 8 Regions
Name - Allows you to name your Motion Detection Area
Draw - Click to draw Motion detection Area
Clear - Erase drawn Motion Detection Area (use when you make a mistake or want to make changes)
Save - Save your Motion detection Area
Delete - Delete Name and drawn Motion Detection Area
Sensitivity Bar - Option to adjust the level of sensitivity

To configure a Motion Detection Area, click on the Region Tab on the bottom right hand corner of you the camera web page [Refer to Fig. 2 above]
While you are in the REGIONS page, you will need to;
  • Check the radio button option for Motion Detection
  • Select a Region using the drop down menu (there are 8 regions available)
  • Type in a name for your Motion Detection Area, and then
  • Click on Draw – this should change your mouse pointer to a plus (+) sign.
Now, move the mouse to the image on your screen and click the first point of interest for your Motion Detection Area. You should have a DOT on the image as shown in Fig. 3

                                         Figure 3
Move your mouse to second area of interest and again click the image. You will now have a second DOT connected to the first as shown in Fig. 4

                                          Figure 4

Further clicks on the image will now produce a greyed out Motion Detection Area as shown in figure 5. Use the Clear Tab to erase any mistakes you make

                                             Figure 5
When you are happy with your drawn Motion detection Area, click on the Save Tab and the grey should now disappear. [Refer to fig. 6]

                                       Figure 6

Next, you will need to turn on the Motion Triggers. Click on the Admin tab and then Alarm settings. Enable Alarm by checking the box (this is enabled by default). Now click on the View Triggers and from the drop down Triggers option select Motion Detection as a trigger. Finally, Click on the Add New Trigger to add Motion Detection Trigger. Click on the Save Settings Tab to save. [Refer to figure 7]

                                      Figure 7


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