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Setting up OnVu360 Mobile App for remote viewing - Evolution Camera

Last Updated: Jul 29, 2015 07:41AM EDT

Note: Understand what kind of public IP address your ISP assigns. Having a static IP address (a public, external IP address that does not change) is helpful but not required. Most broadband ISPs assign dynamic IP addresses to their subscribers that periodically change.
Setting up your OnVu360 Mobile App to remotely view an Evolution camera will require the following steps:
1.  Turn DHCP off in the camera(s). You can do this two ways;
(a).  Through the Camera Configuration Tool -  If you don't already have this installed on your PC, you can download the configuration tool by clicking here. Run the configuration tool and use the following steps to turn DHCP off. 

   (i)    Select the camera type using the drop down menu
   (ii)   From the list of displayed cameras, tick the box beside the camera you want to configure
  (iii)   Click the Network Settings tab
  (iv)   Now click Get Network Settings and enter camera Username and Password.
          Default username and password are both "admin"
  (v)   If you are satisfied with the current camera settings,tick the radio button to "Disable
         DHCP". [Refer to fig. 1]

                                                        Figure 1
(b)   Through the Camera Web Page - Type the camera IP address into a web browser and use
        the following steps to turn DHCP off;
(i)     Log into the camera web page, enter the username and password - "admin" for both
(ii)    Click the ADMIN tab
(iii)   Click the NETWORK tab
(iv)   If you are satisfied with the camera settings, click on the radio button to turn DHCP off
(v)    If you intend to change the HTTP port number from the default port 80 to a different port
        number, you can change it now
 (vi)   Click on the Apply IP Settings tab and wait for an acknowledgement [Refer to fig. 2]

                                                 Figure 2
 2.  Next, you will need to log into your Router configuration page to set up port forwarding.
      The camera has a pre-configured HTTP port 80, you can change this to a different port 
      number (avoid using ports number 0 - 1023).

      To log into you Router configuration page;

  • Enter your router’s IP address in the address bar of a web browser to open up the router configuration page.
  • Enter your Router username and password – Refer to your router user manual or speak to your ISP for the router’s username and password if you need help.
  • Navigate to the Port Forwarding option on your router configuration page. Note, each router will be slightly different, so you might find labels like; Application, Gaming, Virtual server.
  • Find a preconfigured Entry – Many routers have a drop down menu with preconfigured options for well know applications. If you intend to use an already preconfigured port like port 80, select it and apply to the camera IP address
  • Create custom port – You will need to create the following custom ports
           H.264 port – 8554
           SD card port – 9554 (if you have an SD card inserted in the camera)
           HTTP port - ? (If you are not using port 80 for http, create a custom port. E.g.8080) 
  •  Now, apply the custom ports to the chosen camera IP address or name.
Note: In each case you will have to assign a service name and service type to the custom ports.

Figure 3 and 4 are examples of a configured and applied custom port using a NETGEAR router. Note, each router will be slightly different and the configurations below are for demonstration purposes.

                                                                               Figure 3

                                                                              Figure 4

Note: It’s very important at this stage to know what your Public or external IP address is. Go to and type in “what is my ip address”. This should come up with your public or External IP address, write this down as you will need it when setting up your camera on OnVu360 mobile app.

3(a)   Open up your OnVu360 Mobile App and go to your camera profile settings (if you already 
         have a camera added). If this is the first time you are adding a camera, click on the plus 
         (+) sign at the top of the camera page to add a new profile [Refer to fig. 5]

                                                     Figure 5
 (b)  Enter the following information: [Refer to fig. 6 as a guide]
       IP address  -  Public or External IP address of your router
       HTTP port   -  this is the HTTP port number you configured in port forwarding
       H.264 port   -  8554 (custom port number configured in port forwarding)
       SD card port - 9554 (use this, if you have an SD card inserted in the camera)
       Username   -  default is "admin"
       Password    -  default is "admin"

                                                      Figure 6   
  (c)  Select the camera orientation, video stream (Primary or Secondary) and Refresh Streams.
        Finally, you need to "Add Profile" to save your configuration [Refer to fig. 7]
        Note: By default the primary video stream will be selected.

                                                         Figure 7

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